Stereology and Morphometry

After the 7T postmortem imaging, the fixed brain tissue is dissected and processed for histology and immunocytochemistry to determine the size, distribution and total number of neurons and glial cells, dendritic and axonal networks using stereology. In addition, we use automated microscopy MCID software and a spectral imager to provide a global analysis of histopathological lesions in the brain.

The ‘optical fractionator’ method is used to obtain unbiased estimates of total number of cells in specific anatomical brain regions. The ‘space ball’ method is used to estimate length or length density of fibers or blood vessels in brain regions. A global analysis of histopathological lesions is done using automated microscopy MCID software or spectral imager software. Neurolucida is used to provide a 3D map of the morphometric changes in the aging brain.

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