Application process

NABCA follows standard procedures for the dissemination of brain MR images and tissue, to ensure an effective organization of the process. Please see below steps for the application procedure.

Application form

Applicants can request brain MR imaging and/or tissue samples of high quality non-neurological controls by completing the application form and sending it to If you have any questions regarding the application process, feasibility of your request, or special requests that would be need to be collected prospectively, please do not hesistate to contact us. Under “Data collection” we have listed which MRI sequences, snap frozen tissue, and FFPE tissue regions are available.

Review of the request – Scientific Advisory Board

Upon receipt of the application form, the NABCA coördinator will review the application for completedness, feasibility based on availability, and specificity of requested sequences and/or tissue. If questions arise, they will contact the applicant. If all is in order they will inform the applicant that the request has been sent to the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB reviews the application for a) scientific quality (e.g. study design, methods, analysis); b) suitability to vision and goals of NABCA (see application form); c) originality/innovation; d) suitability of the requested data/tissue (e.g. number of donors). After this review, the SAB can give a negative advise, if possible the applicant can modify their application and re-submit, or the SAB can request additional information to make an informed decision. Lastly, the SAB can give a positive advise and the request proceeds.

Approval by Amsterdam UMC biobank

After approval by the Scientific Advisory Board, the request also needs to be approved by “Toetsingscommissie Biobank (TcB) Amsterdam UMC”. All information is provided on the TcB website. The ‘format uitgifte protocol’ document needs to be filled in (which can be found here) and submitted, as well as the information letter with donor permission (will be provided by NABCA coordinator). The application needs to be submitted through Research Manager (a manual can be found here). For international applications (non-Dutch speaking), we will provide a tailored solution with the TcB (as research manager is only available in Dutch).

Material transfer agreement

In parallel to the approval request by the TcB, a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) will be set up. A legal document which details the application, specified information on brain imaging and/or tissue material, coded information on donors (e.g. gender, age at death and post-mortem delay), and details on the financial contribution. This document will be signed by the apllicant, their authorised representative, as well as NABCA CEO and head of the department of Anatomy and Neurosciences.

Transfer of data, transport of material

Upon approval by the TcB, and when an agreed upon and signed MTA is in place, tranfer of (anonymized/defaced) MRI data and/or transport of tissue material can take place. Applicant and NABCA coördinator will agree on the details of the transfer/transport.